All For One (AFO) Foundation
Mission Statement
AFO Foundation
Harold Battiste

AFO FOUNDATION is a non-profit service and educational organization dedicated to recognizing, perpetuating and documenting the heritage of New Orleans music and the people who make the music.

AFO FOUNDATION was formed as a result of the many inquiries and requests we received over the years for information, literature, biographies, recordings, etc. about New Orleans music and musicians. We recognize that this music and the people who create it occupy a unique place in American cultural history and that America’s gift to the world of art is rooted therein. We, therefore, dedicate the work of AFO FOUNDATION to supporting this music through various projects and Programs.

  1. ARCHIVES: Establish a permanent AFO archival collection reflecting the development of Jazz in New Orleans during the second 50 years of the 20th century. The activities will include: Conducting interviews, collecting biographies, pictures, recordings, published articles and other memorabilia for the benefit of members and the public at large. Interviewers and archivists will conduct this at the AFO Foundation on an ongoing basis as the funds are acquired. The collection will be exhibited at a major exhibit site.
  2. EDUCATION: The Foundation is developing a series of educational Jazz lectures, workshops, seminars and performances. This series will target various schools and organizations including K through 12th grades and college. These educational products will be delivered by AFO members, professional musicians, Jazz historians, professional music instructors and educators.
  3. NETWORK: To form and maintain a communications link among members on a national and international scale for the exchange of vital and valuable information. These efforts will begin in Spring, 2004 and be conducted by the AFO Foundation and its staff.
  4. SAFE LANDING: To assist relocating musicians by providing information for job contacts, career counseling and financial aid (when possible). The AFO Foundation and its staff will oversee this activity.