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Harold Battiste

One of the focal points of my life’s work has been the documentation and preservation of New Orleans Music of the Post WWII era. I had a deep love for the broad range of ‘Spirit’ expressed by the musicians, singers and people of the community and hence, felt the obligation to develop ways to share these experiences with others forever!

The tight focus of my effort became the music I perceived to be the most endangered ‘MODERN JAZZ’. The long history of Traditional Jazz in this city of its birth had developed sturdy roots and was well documented. The World knows New Orleans for that. The NEW JAZZ spirit needed nurturing.

The ALL FOR ONE (AFO) FOUNDATION presents the most complete documentation of MODERN JAZZ IN NEW ORLEANS in that era. It presents the musicians, most of whom have become national and international icons, and their music as they themselves performed it.


The Next Generation Big Band

Harold Battiste

New Orleans finest musicians performing Big Band Arrangements from the Silverbook.

Harold Battiste presents Next Generation (95-1028)

The focus of my career in Jazz has been on the wonderful players around me rather than myself. Growing up with the likes of Ellis Marsalis, Ed Blackwell and Alvin Batiste, there was little for me to contribute, except to write some tunes for them to play. This concept has remained comfortable to me, hence, a collection of tunes I wrote for some wonderful young players around me!

Lagniappe: The 2nd 50 Years

Harold Battiste

This cd features the songbook of Harold Battiste with appearances by New Orlean’s most influential performers including Nicholas Payton, Donald Harrison, and Ricky Sebastian.

The Next Generation Vol. II

Jesse McBride

This music is a collection of the top young talent on the jazz scene in New Orleans. Johnaye Kendrick (Vocals), James Westfall (Vibes), Rex Gregory (Reeds), Andrew Baham (Trumpet), Joseph C. Dyson Jr. (Drums), Max Moran (Bass), David Pulphus (Bass).

Jesse McBride Presents “The Next Generation”

Jesse McBride

“Following the hard work, hands on, heart in leadership of Jesse McBride, we now have in 2007, a 3rd NEXT GENERATION!! This CD, as wonderful as it is, is only the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ Jesse has developed these men into a ‘beyond category’ group of Musicians”! – Harold Battiste

Musicians: Jesse McBride (Piano), Andrew Baham (Trumpet), Rex Gregory (Saxophone). David Pulphus (Bass), & Joe Dyson (Drums).

The Classic Ellis Marsalis (91-0428)

Ellis Marsalis

Re-issue of the original Monkey Puzzle LP, plus additional unreleased tracks. Ellis Marsalis, piano; James Black, drums; Marshall Smith, bass; Nat Perrilliat, saxophone.

Recorded in 1962 by the Ellis Marsalis Quartet. Named for a short-lived jazz club, “The Music Haven.”

The Sounds of Harold’s Horn

Harold Battiste

A rare compilation of live performances of Harold Battiste.

Something Old, Something New

John Michael Bradford

In his debut album trumpeter John Michael Bradford blends the old with the new.

Genesis (92-0428)

Victor Goines

Presenting the compelling sax work and compositions of Victor Goines. This debut album features some of the newest and best jazz plays on the New Orleans scene. Nicholas Payton, trumpet; Peter Martin, piano; Christopher Thomas, bass; Brian Blade, drums; Victor Goines, tenor and soprano saxophones. AFO is proud to be the label to present Goines and his music.

A Compendium (92-1028)

AFO Executives & Tami Lynn

AFO’s commitment to the history of New Orleans music continues with the release of this work, which spotlights this unique group from the early 1960s. The players were the top studio musicians and the directors of AFO recordings. Mel Lastie, trumpet; “Red” Tyler, saxophone; “Chuck” Badie, bass; John Boudreaux, drums; Harold Battiste, piano & saxophone; Tami Lynn, vocals.

Recorded in 1962 by the AFO Executives and Tami Lynn. Featured a compendium of the group’s most requested tunes from their shows.

In The Beginning (91-1028)

The Original American Jazz Quintet

Presenting the early work (c1956) of New Orleans Modern Jazz Masters. Ed Blackwell, drums; Ellis Marsalis, piano; Richard Payne & William Swanson, bass; Harold Battiste, saxophone; Alvin Batiste, clarinet.

Recorded in 1956. the first track on the first recording of the Original American Jazz Quintet. Famous engineer Cosimo Matassa announces “Nevermore, take one.”

Boogie Live! 1958 (92-1228)

Ed Blackwell & AJQ-2

A tribute and memorial to the late master drummer Ed Blackwell. This concert was taped when he was a leading force in the development of modern jazz in New Orleans. AJQ-2 is the second edition of the Original American Jazz Quintet with Ellis Marsalis, piano; Alvin Batiste, clarinet; Nat Perrilliat replaces Harold Battiste on saxophone and Otis Devernier replaces Richard Payne on bass. We at AFO feel that this rare glimpse of early Ed Blackwell should be available.

Recorded in 1958 live concert at BTW High School auditorium by AJQ-2. Clarinetist Alvin Batiste introduces the group.

A Time For Love (92-1128)

Phillip Manuel

Phillip Manuel’s first CD, delivers a program of exceptional performances of well-chosen standards. Manuel’s mellow, lyrical voice and jazz stylings are fittingly accompanied by some of the finest jazz players on the scene, including David Torkanowsky, piano; Tony Dagradi and Victor Goines, saxophone; Jim Singleton, bass; Johnny Vidacovich, drums.

Standing Ovation (93-0218)

Germaine Bazzle

This is the long-awaited release of the spectacular performance by Ms. Bazzle at the 1991 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival with the George French group featuring Victor Goines. Bazzle, through her consistently superb musicianship and gracious commitment to the jazz idiom, has earned the respect and admiration of her peers. It is they who have named her “New Orleans’ First Lady of Jazz.”

Comment (92-0928)

David Morgan

This recording was produced, arranged and performed entirely by pianist David Morgan and the musicians that he selected. Morgan’s choice of material a balance of standards and originals his sequencing of the trio, quintet and sextet formats, and above all, the exquisite performances turned in by each and all of the players makes this debut album a very special one. AFO Records is both proud and grateful for the opportunity to present these fine young players. We believe that they are going to make their mark and we want to share in that history—after all, that’s what AFO does.

…And They Called It Love

Andrew Baham

The newest release from Andrew Baham.

In Europe (93-0128)

University of New Orleans Jazz Band

Invited for a spot on the Rome Jazz Festival, this fine group of young jazzmen went on an extended tour of several European jazz spots. These live recordings capture the spirit and excitement created by these players, including a surprise appearance by Wynton Marsalis and Wes Anderson.

Old Time Religion (93-0328)

Mel Lastie…The Pastor

Gospel singing choir led by The Pastor Mel Lastie playing his soulful trumpet and cornet, and his beautiful flugelhorn performing the best of the traditional Gospel favorites, Pass Me Not, Down By The Riverside, The Lord Will Make A Way, That Old Time Religion, and others. This special AFO release initiates our unique Patron Series.

My Story, My Song (95-11)

Kalamu ya Salaam

POETRY IS THE MUSIC OF LANGUAGE. The rhythmic expression of concerns organized to appeal to the emotions. African-American poetry has, for a long, long time, been following and found in the music. Almost like a little brother following his older sister. And our music is certainly a “she.” Ask Duke. “A Drum is a Woman” i.e. (Madam Zzaj). “Music Is My Mistress”, “Sophisticated Lady.”



Unfinished Blues




The following items have been acquired by the All For One Foundation under its Archival Program.

Hal – Mel Alone Together

Final Vinyl. Out-of-print LP featuring the late Melvin Lastie in a multi-track duo with Harold Battiste and guest appearances by Cornel Dupree and Chuck Rainey.

New Orleans Heritage Jazz: 1956-1966

This historic boxed set contains four 12″ albums each featuring one of the major groups of the 1950’s and 1960’s:

The Original American Jazz Quintet
The Ellis Marsalis Quartet
The AFO Executives with Tami Lynn


The box comes with a 28 page book of photos and interviews with the players.

For purchase inquiries please email

New Orleans Heritage Jazz: 1956-1966

Included in the NOHJ box set, a book of musician biographies and historical overview of modern jazz in New Orleans in the late fifties and early sixties.